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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> welcome to the news hour in doha. our top stories, more israeli air strikes in gaza after palestinian rockets are launched from southern israel. >> an audio tape leak reveals one of egypt's most famous politicians predicting the next election will be a far as. crackdown in the drc, video of the army pushing to eliminate
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rebel groups near uganda. >> we'll be live at the vatican as pope francis celebrates his first year in office. >> we begin with the escalating violence in gaza and israel, palestinian fighters have been firing rockets into israel. the israeli army targeted hamas and islamic jihad in gaza, the heaviest barrage since a ceasefire in 2012. we've got reporters on both sides of the border. we are in gaza and jerusalem. let's go to gaza. we're hearing there's been more israeli air strikes in gaza. can you confirm that? >> the last hour, there are air strikes on the area in the gaza
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strip. in the egyptian palestinian border or area called the area of tunnel he is. it seems the israeli air strikes targeted tunnels in the area. according to the palestinian medical sources, the strikes lead to three injured palestinians, one in a serious condition, according to the palestinian medical sources. these strikes were just before a declaration by islamic jihad's leader in gaza, spokesman in gaza said that the group accepted an egyptian mediation to stop firing rockets towards israeli cities and israeli areas, and israeli military on the borders. in the time that israel according to this mediation to stop escalation against gaza and
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spokesman said that this declaration is not a new agreement of ceasefire, but it's based on the previous agreement on the ceasefire, which was between israel and palestinian factions through egyptian mediation in november, 2012. >> thanks very much indeed for that. apparently a ceasefire was brokered by egypt. let's go to our reporter in israel. first of all, what are the israelis saying about more air strikes on gaza? >> well, we are hearing that in fact there was a second round, as the reporter said there, that were being launched. on seven sights, we know inside the gaza strip we are hearing that there were at least one serious injury, three injured.
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when it comes to the brokered ceasefire being reinstated, the israeli government, we spoke to them a short time ago, they are not commenting on this, they are not confirming this. >> what can we expect going forward then? it seems unclear whether this ceasefire is still in place or not. >> we have to remember that this has been away fast-moving story, moving rapidly in the last few hours, just prior to the most recent air strikes launched. there were rockets being fired out of gaza into southern israel. on two cities at least. there's been tremendous back and forth in a very short period of time. we have netanyahu calling a meeting. would this be contingent upon if there is a a loss of life.
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we have the first reported serious injury. it comes down to what may be a political decision by the israelis on whether or not in fact they will launch some larger military action. >> the picture will shortly become clearer as the hours roll on. thanks very much indeed for that, from jerusalem. >> egypt's former prime minister is accusing the armed forces of trying to fix the upcoming presidential election, saying the election will be a comedy show. previously, the last prime minister under the deposed president in a leaked recording. >> he has previously said that he's not going to run in the election, unless the people and army nominate him for the presidency. that's very strange. what he said is wrong. is there something called army?
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i mean that's ignorance. he said i will do so if the army nominates me for the presidency. then the army nominates him. this really shows a lack of experience. it's a disaster. also, the military council reiterated the same thing. i have taken myself out of this loop, because the election is going to be a far as. of course, whether other candidates withdraw will depend on the nomination of sisi. i said if he's going to run in the presidential election, i will not run, but i will get my papers ready. if he's going to run, i will not submit them. i know very well they will fix all the ballot boxes. they will fix everything for him. this is going to be a comedy show. if someone didn't run, that means the election process will not be fair. >> while responding to the leak, it was said opinions that i express in are private are the same as what i expression in
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public. it is my stand and i insist on it. i have spoken this meeting on two points that i consider weaknesses that prevent democracy. we addressed the first one, hope to do the second one. let's find out more, commissioned at a fighter pilot in the 1960's, becoming a commander of the air force in 1996, appointed minister of civil aviation by hosni mubarek. he was made prime minister in january, 2011, revining a month later. he narrowly lost in the 2012 presidential elections. he left egypt for the u.a.e. later that year after arrest warrants were issued. >> let's speak to a political science professor at cairo university. good to are you with us. a statement has been issued saying he stands by what he says. what he's baseman saying is that
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he expects the elections to be rigged. what do you make of that and what's going to be the likely response in egypt? >> well, it's very surprising because a few weeks ago, he has stated as if he's supporting very much general sisi if he decides to run. he said very firmly that he will not run if general sisi decides to run. this was perceived as if he considered sisi as the most capable man to run the country for the next -- for the next presidential election, but now, that really reflects severely
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casting doubt about the whole election. >> what he's saying is, what he says in that leaked report is i know very well they will fix the ballot boxes. is that a view that's widely held in egypt? >> yes. as a matter of fact, there are a feeling that these elections will not be transparent enough, with him not really be proper, and there will not be viewed at civil society from outside egypt. that's why -- and we have to connect a growing discussion about the presidential -- about the election law because the decisions of the election committee will be immune, so
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nobody will be able to challenge the results, and this is a matter of debate for right now. >> so given that, is it appropriate if generallal sisi does plan to run. it is appropriate that he should stand in he's these elections? >> i think the decision is already made and there has been a growing pressure from a sector of the egyptian population asking sisi to run. i don't think that it is about time if he decides not to run that will make the coming elections much more complicated. i think it is too late to reverse the decision. that's why i think that he would run, but he has to be much more careful and he has to take all
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the procedures to make sure that the elections will be done to be transparent enough. >> exactly, because if there's the slightest hint that these elections have been fixed, then that puts back the democraciation of egypt back. >> they will not take the results seriously. i think what will be a growing trouble in egypt and this will put thought to the muslim brotherhood, i think it will be
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very, very dangerous for the whole country, so i think maybe this is good for the country. they have to take care, they have to take more serious to make sure that the election will be done appropriately. >> thank you very much indeed for your thoughts. good to have you with us, speaking to us live from cairo there. >> the egyptian army is accusing the muslim brotherhood of organizing an attack on a bus, killing one officer and wounding three soldiers. a statement was posted on the army's facebook page blaming the muslim brotherhood, wimp is now outlawed in egypt. >> still with egypt, three aljazeera english journalists have now been held in prison for 75 days. they are accused of having links
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with a terrorist organization and spreading false news. aljazeera rejects all charges against its staff and continues to demand their immediate release. the next court appearance is on march 24. meanwhile also in custody from aljazeera's sister channel, his detention extended for another 45 days. he's been held for more than six months and has been been a hunger strike since january 23. >> malaysia denied new reports about flight 370 missing for six days now. transport minister said that chinese satellite images thought to show what could be plane debris were released by mistake and led nowhere. he also said reports suggesting the plane was flying for up to four hours after it last made contact with air traffic control is wrong, denied reports saying homes of the missing pilots have
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been searched by police. >> malaysia's been defending its response to the crisis. >> malaysia has nothing to hide. we have spared no expense and no effort. from day one, we have been in regular contact with our neighboring countries, and accepted all international efforts to help. we have followed probability coals stipulated by the international aviation organization since the incident began. much has been made about the extension of the search areas. some claim it slowed down the search. that is simply not true. we have intensified the search. let me be clear, there is no real precedent for a situation like this. the plane vanished. we have extended the search area because it is our duty to follow every lead, and we owe it to the families and trust me when i say we will not give up.
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>> the wife of one of the missing chinese passengers has expressed her frustration over the lack of progress which she partly blamed on china's government. >> right now, i really want to speak with the president. i don't know what could be more important than the lives of more than 200 people. i also want to ask his wife if it was your president on that plane, how would you feel, how would your parents feel about this right now and you also have a child as we do. my husband was on that plane. my child is asking for their dad day after day. what can i do? now there is no information at all. we really are helpless. we need the government to support us. >> coming up here on aljazeera, how thailand's political stand off is expanding rivalries to police and army. >> i have to go through two patrol checks every day of my life. >> anger on the border between
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the united states and mexico. americans say border patrol are restricting their freedom. >> two time grand slam champion murray knocked out at top seeds continue to tumble. >> ukraine's parliament unanimously backed the creation of a national guard made up of 60,000 volunteers to help the army defend its territory. that's after russia's effective takeover of ukraine's crimea region. military exercises involving 8.5000ar tilly men, u president president obama has thrown his full weight behind ukraine's new interim leaders, speaking with the prime minister at the white house. he insists ukraine will never
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surrender crimea to russia. the actions to crimea's future may lie in a sea side town where franklin d. roosevelt, winston churchill drew up new borders after the second world war. we visit the town at a time when the map could change again. >> a hint of spring in yolta, time to enjoy sunshine on lenin's promenade. he still looks out over the black sea if that if he lost his battle with capitalism in the end, all the signs here are that are yorussia is about a strike . they don't seem to need much persuading. >> lydia says if only we had more leaders like put tune, those in kiev are just fascists.
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>> maria says this land was just given away to ukraine, but it's always been russia here, and on the ground goo joins in. we are russians, but they call us occupants, what occupants? >> whether people want to belong to ukraine or russia, they also have to make a living. on this stretch of coastline, people rely on tourism, the holiday industry. now, they're worried that all this uncertainty is going to destroy their livelihood. >> this hotel has unique atmosphere. >> i was shown around one of the finest hotels, right now, sadly empty, as everyone cancels their holidays, the hotel lays off its staff. >> we had 300 people in our team and we fire 60% of them. they have kids, they have
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families, you know, and most of them are local, and especially here on the south coast, 90% of the families somehow depends on the hospitallalty industry. yes, we're a little bit afraid. >> up the hill, the czar's summer palace, site of a famous meeting between these three men. in 1945, roosevelt, stalin and churchill came to redraw the map of europe. now it seems russia might be doing some redrawing of its own and this time, there is no agreement with the western powers. aljazeera, crimea. >> the u.n.'s mediator on syria will brief the security council thursday, expected to express full support for efforts for peace talks. previous talks made little
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progress. we report from the u.n. in new york. >> the security council will be briefed as the third anniversary of the war in syria approaches. he's been in new york sometime having private meeting, closed door meetings with ambassadors, the secretary general of the united nations and with the five permanent members of the security council. >> is your pros effectively dead now? tomorrow. >> thank you, sir. >> no comment in public for now. expect that later, but we know from meetings already had, that have taken place, some of those participants say that he believes the only way to get the pros object track is to have russia put pressure on the syrian government to agree to the agenda he's proposing. he's concerned about forthcoming elections in syria. presidential elections would
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potentially put president assad back in charge of the count roy for a further seven years. those elections, he says could completely destroy the processes trying to build. >> syrian president bashar al assad is rarely seen publicly outside of central damascus but wednesday, state television had pictures of him close to rebel strongholds in the east of the cat roll. the u.n. said fighting has forced 9 million syrians out of their homes. >> a group of syrians in the u.s. is marking the third anniversary of the start of the war which falls on a saturday. >> they are reading names of around 100,000 people who died since the fighting began. the protest outside the white house is due to last until march 15. >> i think we should stop drawing red lines that we keep crossing, hopefully put an end to it and have a firm stance
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against the atrocities happening right now. hopefully obama can take firm stand against the regime and put an end to the chemical warfare, to the torture, barrel bombs in syria right now. >> barack obama has spoken for the first time since the c.i.a. was accused of hacking computers of senators. dianne feinstein says the c.i.a. spied on u.s. politicians and their staff investigating torture allegations. the u.s. penalty said he'll review the allegations. >> i am absolutely committed to declassifying that report as soon as the report is completed. in fact, i would urge them to go ahead and complete the report, send it to us. we will declassify those findings so that the american people can understand what happened in the past and that can help guide us as we move
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forward. >> the president is also asking congress for extra fund to go beef up security on the border with mexico. millions of dollars have already been set aside for fences, towers and border patrols, most in arizona. not all americans think it's money well spent. >> it's early morning at the border patrol checkpoint in arizona. agents with sniffer dogs check each vehicle, but at this border checkpoint, there's something unusual. >> this is a newer model sedan. >> a group of citizens monitoring the monitors. many here are fed up with the disruption caused in their daily lives by the checkpoint and by the heavy-handed presence of the border patrol in the area. >> many people in this community have believe that the -- our community has been treated as if we live in a war zone. >> the customs and border patrol
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agency told aljazeera "check points remain a highly effective tool in our enforcement efforts to secure our nation's borders." >> i have to go through two border patrol checks every day of my life. >> stacy is a nurse who lives in aravaca, working 50 kilometers away. >> i don't think this is what any of our american soldiers fought for. this is not freedom, this is not the right to move around freely. >> people here are not only monitoring what's going on at the border patrol check points, they're also finding ways to help desperate migrants, without breaking the law. >> it's illegal to drive migrants anywhere or to shelter them, but not illegal to help them survive. >> this is a short term emergency foot pack. >> volunteers stock water and prepare food packets, and they keep a cabinet full of basic medical supplies. >> blisters always a factor.
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if you get severe blisters, which many travelers do, you can't walk. if you can't walk one get left behind. if you get left behind in this desert, you die. >> 2,000 migrants have died in this area since 2001, according to local officials. alex says it's only human to help people in need. >> when they come to your door and they do here and haven't had water or anything to eat for a long time, it's just i think a person's responsibility to do something. >> about a third of the people in here have signed a petition asking the government to dismantle the checkpoint but the border patrol told aljazeera the check point isn't going anywhere. rob reynolds, aljazeera, aravaca, arizona. >> it seems spring has sprung
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across europe, or parts anyway. >> it's absolutely gorgeous out at the moment. the sun's only about a week away from the h he he can we knox. equinox. high pressure very much in charge. with the high, a lid on the atmosphere, pushing down, that's high pressure very much having its influence. it's popping up across the u.k. to scandinavia. it forms a cloud and we have got rain. the rains there across a good part of norway will sink further south over the next couple which days. westerly winds coming into london and paris getting up to 17 or 18 over the next day or two. we go into saturday. the high does weaken a touch,
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allowing winds coming from a northwesterly direction. a 10 as we go through saturday, cloud and rain coming out to scandinavia sinking south and eastward. southern parts, spring has sprung here, 19 celsius in rain, warm sunshine year, pretty respectal in moscow with a high of nine degrees. >> thanks very much. >> thailand's latest political crisis has worsened the long standing rivalry between the army and police. we report from bangkok. >> the opposition has its own unofficial force. they say these men are protecting anti-government protestors on the streets of thailand's capitol. the police force says it has evidence the so called protest
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guards along with some protestors are armed and it's not just that. the force said members of the army are involved in the opposition campaign. >> three navy seals arrested for having weapons. we also confiscated 98 weapons, 60 explosive devices. this is a peaceful rally. >> police say protestors fought back with arms when troops tried to clear protests sites. the opposition denies this and insists the movement is peaceful and accuses the police of being a tool of the government. >> the opposition views the army differently. its welcomed the deployment around the park where protestors have now regrouped. the army said it is here to protect the people. trough testers have been attacked by unidentified armed men. >> the army denies accusations that it is taking sides in the global conflict.
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it explained that the notify seals who were arrested acted on their own. >> soldiers are also citizens, so they have the right to protest. it is not prohibited, but we told them they have at a take off their uniform if they choose to do so. >> the army has a long history of intervening in politics, deposed the current prime ministers brother in 2006. four years later, it fought bloody battles with the supporters now accusing the military of spouting the opposition movement. there are those who say there is some truth to that. >> when pro government groups see their element with protestor, there are protections rendered by the military to protect them. what options do pro government group left to do? they are arming themselves. >> the protestors are believe trenches around the park, the
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same front line once used by their rivals as a bunker. aljazeera, bangkok. >> still to come on this news hour, more than 20 deaths and no end in sight to the rye lens. can venezuela's neighbors help solve its personal crisis? >> manchester city trying for a place in the quarter final.
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>> welcome back. the israeli army has launched more air strikes in the gaza
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strip, injuring three. rockets have been fired into southern israel. egypt's fortune prime minister accusing the head of the armed forces sisi of planning to rig the upcoming presidential elections. he is heard saying the election will be a comedy show. >> malaysia's government rejected new reports about the missing airways jet including claims that the pilots' homes have been searched, also saying satellite images have led nowhere. >> pope francis marked his first year as head of the roman catholic church on thursday. he's the first non-european to hold that position in more than a thousand years and credited with breathing new life into the catholic church. let's go live to vatican city. i can't believe it's only ban year. what's been going on there? >> well, not very much today
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here in the vatican. the vatican hasn't actually organized anything to mark the one year of pope francis, and wednesday, which is usually the day of his weekly audience here in st. peters square, usually scenes here are packed with people but yesterday audience didn't happen because the pope and cardinals are on a spiritual retreat. he's not even in the vatican to mark his first year. some say that's not a surprise. this is a pope that doesn't want too much attention. in a recent interview with a leading italian newspaper, he said that he wasn't comfortable with the mythology springing up around the pope, he wanted to be seen as an ordinary man. a very unremarkable day at the vatican, marking a very remarkable year. >> a simple good evening and history was made. it was the first time the
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catholic church had chosen a leader from south america. that would not be the only thing to make him stand out. his popularity was immediate, because he practiced what he approached. strong statements against in quality were matched by his choice to live in a modest guest house. as archbishop, he witnessed poverty and crime and one of his first acts as pope was to kiss the feet of inmates at a young offenders' institution. his warmth draws massive crowds to his weekly audience and his ways earned him the cover of time magazine and rolling stone. from the which and powerful to the less blessed, pope francis' peel seems truly global. >> then you have a pope to whom you can identify yourself with. >> he's in the better position to understand that. when we talk to him, then he can
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easily connect with us. this is like he is with us. >> pope francis inherited a church beset by the child abuse scandal and allegations of corruption. he's been able to change the image of the church, but how much real change has he achieved behind the scenes here at the vatican? critics would say not much. a u.n. report published in february accused the church of failing to properly deem with cases of child abuse. the vatican bank is being audited but no results released. though the pope's tone on issues like gay rights and divers softened, there's no sign of actual religious reform. >> you cannot do this kind of things quickly without making disaster. certainly he is a man who will do things, but in due time. >> a year on, there's little
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doubt that the pope has the right intentions to change the church for the better. as these doves released by him and promptly attacked by seagulls, best intentions don't always happen. although he's had a great first year, he hasn't performed that miracle just yet. thank you for joining us. now what's really interesting is that the child abuse scandal was the worst that hit the catholic church. we're see that go report by the united nations published only a month ago saying that effectively, the church hasn't done enough. why didn't francis see it as a priority? >> he does. the question is he's got so many
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priorities -- >> surely that would have been the main one. >> the protection of children as one of the top priorities of the church. he is determined to clean out whatever problem. >> what has he actually done? >> first of all, he said what my predecessor did, zero tolerance line on abusers, that's going to be my line. also said that the abusers, the local church should denounce the abusers to the local authorities. that will happen. he's also decided to set up a commission which will look at how they can help the many people who's lives have been affected. >> no details have been released yet. >> i think we'll see it in the next few weeks, it's coming. he hasn't put this on the back burner. >> we've seen how much support he has around the world. let's talk about his detractors. there are rumors around the vatican, a lot of people off the record will say that he did
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ruffle feathers, there are old guard who don't like him very much, the new style of the papacy. how true is that. >> i talked to the cardinal yesterday, they are completely behind him but they don't agree with him on several things. he's actually revolutionized the place here. look how he's changed the papacy, he's making it normal, no longer imperial court, he's no longer an inaccessible figure, he reaches out to people. he wants a certain style of living. here before you, you saw limousines, mercedes, they're no longer visible. you saw cardinals with gold crosses, very few now wearing them. he's really changing the style but also the attitude. he's into a cultural change in the vatican. >> speaking of that cultural change, a lot of people say the church should modernize him. there's rules around family life, gay marriage,
9:39 am
contraception out of steps with catholics in the west. does he face challenges there for more traditional catholics that perhaps are a bit unsure about where he's going to take the church? >> certainly. he's asked questions that have been for many years taboo. he's brought in a climate of freedom where people can say what they really feel. before, many cardinals, bishops didn't say it because they thought the pope wouldn't like to hear. he says i want the truth, i want to hear about the real situations. he deals with reality, not with an ideal world that doesn't exist. >> there's going to be a big meeting of church leaders. a lot of people think that he will start to speak openly about for example allowing other
9:40 am
things. >> it will go on to the next year. he wants to take the church with him. every pope needs to keep the church together, unified. he says we have many problems out there, there are many catholics around the world who are diversed remarried, they want to receive the sack are ments. this has been prohibited. he said the sack are ments are to help people lead good lives, not prizes for good behavior. >> thank you so much for that. one of the most interesting stories, apparently some of the cardinals are a bit scared of inviting the pope over for dinner at their apartments, because some of them are quite grand and they're scared he might ask them to down size. >> that is a great story, barbara, thanks very much indeed for that. vatican city there. >> now, in mexico, there are growing signs that armed
9:41 am
vigilante groups are turning on each other. a leading vigilante is in custody, accused of killing two members of a rival group. >> one of the founding leaders of the vigilante movement has played a large part in pushing the drug cartel out of towns. now, he's in police custody, alleged to have been involved in the murder of two other vigilant tees, who's burned remains were found on saturday. authorities have until thursday night to file official charges against him or let him go. he was a man who led the vigilantes into the supposed strong hold of the knight's templar. the vigilant tees were local people who took up arms more than a year ago against a cartel set come extortion, kidnapping and killing taking place with apparent impunity. he helped the aligns between the government forces and vigilant
9:42 am
tees over the last two months. his arrest raises several questions. >> will it mean that the self defense squads will step back and try and be put in line with the government object will this be part of a major conflict between some self defense squads and the government, and between different self defense squad leaders? the government has been riding high on a wave of successes in its fight against organized crime. 16 low i can't cartel leader shorty guzman was arrested. on and, the leader of the knight's templar was killed. >> there's a concern about relying on the vigilante movement as a weapon against the cartels. to some, it is a weapon that has backfired with legal consequences.
9:43 am
>> three more people killed in venezuela during the latest anti-government protests, socialist president me door row accuses the right wing opposition of organizing the unrest. we have more. >> as the unrest and political confronteddation continued unabated, an emergency meeting was held to help defuse the crisis before it spirals out of control. >> we wanted the region in peace. if there is a situation are crisis or conflict, as south american brothers, we have to help. >> the block will send a commission oh to venezuela no later than april 1 to promote a dialogue and to accompany support and advise all sides in the conflict.
9:44 am
>> we feel totally satisfied with the resolution, the battle we have undertaken for democracy, peace and stability in our country. >> in fact, it was venezuela that proposed the emergency meeting in the first place. >> while venezuela's government may welcome the involvement, many of its opponents view the south american block with suspicion, believing that with rare exceptions, they are far more interest in defending venezuela's institutional order, rather than questioning all the way the government uses and abuses its power. >> as the meeting ended, foreign ministers did not shirk the issue. >> we propose a way to build and recover peace in venezuela with respect for democratic freedoms, human right and respect for freedom of expression. >> so far, the main opposition
9:45 am
forces in venezuela refers to negotiate with president meduro until prisoners are released. the regional blocks efforts to bring all sides to the table may well be a long shot, but in a conflict taking more lives by the day, they at least offer a glimmer of hope. aljazeera, santiago. >> aljazeera obtained exclusive pictures of fighting in the eastern democratic republic have congo, the government trying to push out rebels near uganda's border. the fighters, a.d.f. is accused of committing atrocities against the local civilian population and driving them from their homes and farms. the u.n. is confident of clearing out the fighters by the end of the week.
9:46 am
the rebel group launched its first attack in 1996 in uganda, later going into the congo. it is fundamentalist rebels and remnants of the in my army for the liberation of uganda. >> a research associate at the center of african studies at the university of london joins me now. good to have you with us. we know the congolese government has help. are they going to be able to deal with this rebel group effectively? >> it appears that now they have more, the government troops now that they've got the u.n. intervention brigade helping them to work this out, they have the confidence that they are going to be able to defeat the rebel group. it's only recently that the u.n. intervention group, made up of the to answer does a knee i i ii
9:47 am
can'ten and malawi forces, are able to defeat the groups. >> it is yet another rebel crisis for eastern d.c.c., only just brought down the m23, now the a.d.f. to deal with. what is the role of neighboring countries, rwanda and uganda? >> the democratic republic of congo has many sounding it. it would appear that just as you've got many countries contributing to the solution, neighboring countries, the fact is that there are many rebel groups in the democratic republic of congo, 25-30. it was only yesterday that the u.n. troops warned the fdlr and today, it's the a.d.f. who knows which one is going to happen next?
9:48 am
i think that the ugandan troops, well, uganda played a key role in the negotiations, we actually south it out, agreement to do the m23. we've got rebel groups actually coming from these neighboring countries, but at the same time the government is also playing a key role in the peace agreement. >> what about the ordinary people, civilians. tens of thousand us have fled this particular fighting into you began at a. could this violence escalate? the forces are determined that this time they will try and crack down on rebel forces as quickly as possible, as this is determined for this one, within the week. i think the main aim of doing that is actually to cut down on
9:49 am
the escalation of civilians and displacement. >> it's big problem, michael, thank you very much indeed. >> we've got all the sport coming up in just a moment including more bad news for the los angeles lakers and cope bryant. details after the break.
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>> the alarming drug epidemic ripping through small town america. >> you can find heroin in evey corner... >> families torn apart... >> i don't know who my son is anymore. >> lives cut short >> no one should be burying their child >> now we take you up close and personal to the heart of the crisis. >> i'm an addict... their father was an addict... >> how one town is struggling with a cold hard reality that is strangling their community >> it's an everyday struggle >> addicted in vermont an america tonight special series on al jazeera america
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>> welcome back. the president of european champions has been found guilty of tax evasion by a germ court, sentenced to three and a half years in prison. the 61-year-old admitted that he evaded taxes on $40 million worth of income to secret swiss bank accounts. >> barcelona through to the quarter finals of the championship beating manchester city who also carried over a 2-0 lead from the first leg and went in front. the 67th champion leagues goal, breaking the record for the most with a single club. man city complaining they deserve the penalty. falling a goal back, but secured the 2-1 win in stoppage time 4-1
9:52 am
on aggregate. >> we have to play come back together in the way we did tonight and we played very well and from there, we have to keep going. >> if we are able to play this way against manchester city all the way we have in these two matches, we can do it with all the teams that are left to play. >> also through, they beat in 2-1 at home to complete a 6-1 aggregate victory. >> a chance league game is superior level. i was expecting a built more from my team. we've had a lot of good things since the start of the season. maybe they subconsciously thought they had done what needed to be done. i was expecting a bit more, but
9:53 am
i'm very happy. i congratulate them. >> big names are continuing to fall at the masters in california. two time grand slam champion murray and australian open winner were both knocked out in the fourth round. >> andy murray's form has been up and down since returning from a back injury, but he looked solid early taking the first set. the canadian beat in two of thor previous three meetings, taking the second set 7-5. murray again overwhelm would in the third set as he struggled to match the big hitting of brownage, the 23-year-old in the final leg. >> i'll need to think about it
9:54 am
and have a look at what happened, but there wasn't a huge explanation for it. the shots i was missing, it wasn't like one shot in particular when i missed every shot. >> also on the exit list, the australian open champion suffered his first loss of 2014 beaten in three sets by south african kevin anderson. >> my energy was a little bit down. i wasn't ready and i was tired a little bit. i start to complain. i didn't find the right solution. >> djokovic looked in danger of becoming the third big name casualty of the day losing the third set 6-1 against the croatian. the world number two lifted to comfortably claim the next two
9:55 am
sets and go on to the quarter finals. >> roger federer is the only man left in the draw that has yet to drop a cent at the tournament with a victory. >> the brooklyn nets now have a 3-0 record against the nba champions miami heat. paul pierce scored with 29 points, 17 of them are coming in the third quarter. miami were a point behind with 3.5 seconds to go, but the nets sealed the victory. brooklyn has the best record in the eastern conference this year. >> kobe bryant's nba season is over, the los angeles lakers confirmed the all-star needs more time to recover from a fractured knee he suffered in december.
9:56 am
the lakers have the worse record in the western conference and bryant has only played six games since last april. he's still the highest paid player in the nba, though, having recently signed a contract extension worth $48.5 million over two years. >> i want to say, you know, i'll be back at the top of my game, because everybody's going to think i'm crazy and it's the old player not letting go sort of thing, but that's what it's going to be. >> dallas stars forward rich peverley ending his season following a collapse on the bench monday. he will undergo a procedure to rare an irregular heartbeat after his cardiac event against the columbus blue jackets. he had been diagnosed with a heart problem in september but still managed to play 60 games of the season. >> all of my family and myself
9:57 am
would like to thank you, and thank a number of people that saved my life. first, the doctors and our trainer for the dallas stars. they all attended to me when i passed out and saved my life and i will forever be grateful. >> there's more on our website. the scores, you'll see our top story there, the latest news on the president being sentenced for tax evasion. there's details on how to get in touch with our team using twitter and facebook. of course, we'll have more later on in the news hour. >> that's it for this news hour from me and from all the team here, bye for now and thanks for watching.
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>> malaysia airlines flight has been missing, the plane may have flown another four hours after it lost radar contact. if true, that would widen the search area by hundreds of miles. >> three dead following the latest anti-government protests in venezuela, bringing the death toll from those months of student-led demonstrations to 25, protestors frustrated with rising unemployment and high crime. ukraine's acting prime minister seeking support for his country's new government, asking the united


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